2018 Travel Grant Applications

Would you like to learn more about music librarianship and management of music collections? The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Music Library Association (PNWMLA) invites you to apply for our third annual travel grant to attend the Chapter meeting in Ellensburg, WA at Central Washington University, June 22-23, 2018. This grant is open to first-time-attendees of a PNWMLA annual meeting. Graduate students in library and information science, paraprofessionals, and librarians working in areas related to music are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants need not be members of PNWMLA at the time of application but must agree to join the chapter upon receiving the award. This award covers travel funding up to $300.

Application materials should be submitted via email as PDFs to Stefan Hintersteininger (shintersteininger@musiccentre.ca). To apply, please include the following:

  1. A letter of application which includes:
    • the reasons for attending the PNWMLA annual meeting and why you are a good candidate for this grant;
    • a justification of financial need;
    • a brief budget for travel costs to attend the PNWMLA annual meeting. Annual meeting registration for travel grant recipients is free and need not be included in your brief budget.
    • information about any other grants, matching funds, or institutional support you may also receive to cover costs to attend the PNWMLA annual meeting.
  2. A current vita or resume
  3. One letter of support from a reference, sent by email directly to Stefan Hintersteininger (shintersteininger@musiccentre.ca).

Deadline for the receipt of applications is January 31, 2018. The PNWMLA Board will notify candidates who applied by March 19, 2018.


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