Local Arrangements Committee

I. Charge:

The Local Arrangements Committee is responsible for hosting the Chapter’s annual meeting. The annual meeting of the Chapter is held in the spring on a Friday-Saturday, usually in early May. The meeting generally begins on Friday morning, and ends at noon or later on Saturday. If possible, participants enjoy having refreshments available before morning sessions. It has become tradition to arrange an opportunity for a group meal (at moderate cost) on Friday night–this can be a catered meal in a member’s home, a meal at a local restaurant, or a home-cooked meal.

II. Budget Process:

The annual meeting in its entirety should be self-supporting. When projecting a budget, the Committee should expect an average of 20 attendees. Registration income should cover expenses, which among other things may include refreshments and honoraria for outside (non-Chapter member) speakers, with amounts to be pre-determined in consultation with the Board. The amount charged for the Friday dinner should also equal expenses, and should include a margin to allow for outside speakers being invited as guests. The final budget should be run by the Board for approval prior to distribution of meeting materials.

III. Timetable:

A. For the Fall Newsletter: Provide the Newsletter Editor with the dates and location of the annual meeting for inclusion in the Newsletter.

B. Beginning in the Fall: Work with Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect to develop programming ideas for the annual meeting and to identify possible speakers. Contact potential speakers as far in advance as possible.

C. Three months prior to meeting: Confirm speakers and determine their AV needs, if any. Make meeting room arrangements with host institution. Compile and/or gather the following materials, which should be forwarded to the Secretary/Treasurer with sufficient time allotted that creation of the annual meeting website can be accomplished as close to two months prior to the meeting as possible:

  1. A note of welcome.
  2. Lodging information.
  3. Directions to the meeting site, parking information, appropriate map(s).
  4. Fees: Registration, Dinner.
  5. Information on local sights, restaurants, and events.

Share the Annual Meeting website and meeting information with chapter members via the chapter listserv and the MLA national listserv on a regular basis.

D. Directly prior to meeting:  Arrange for morning refreshments. Have available a short list of close-by restaurant choices for lunch on Friday and Saturday. Confirm room and AV arrangements. Confirm Friday dinner plans, and have written directions available if appropriate.

E. As soon as possible following meeting: Submit receipts for meeting expenses to the Secretary/Treasurer for reimbursement.

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