Newsletter Editor

I. Job Description:

The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for the content, preparation and sending a .pdf version of the Chapter Newsletter to the chapter web master. (Hard copies are mailed to members without Internet access).  Duties includes soliciting items for publication, editing contributions, doing layout, and keeping a digital backup of all original Chapter newsletters published to be passed on to the successor.

II. Process:

A. The Newsletter is designated as a fall publication, to be published October-November.

B. Regarding content, the norm has been to include the following in each issue:

  1.  Header
  2. Message from the Chair
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Minutes of the Business Meeting from the previous annual meeting (from Secretary/Treasurer)
  5. Brief report of past annual meeting, including program description and other highlights (from Chair)
  6. Announcement of the dates and location of the upcoming annual meeting (from Local Arrangements Chair)
  7. Call for nominations for vacant offices (from Nominations Committee Chair)
  8. Call for program ideas for upcoming annual meeting (from Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect)
  9. News from members; special mention of new members
  10. Current officers’ names and addresses
  11. New member application form
  12. Any other items of interest to the membership

C. When the .pdf file is added to the chapter web site, let the PNWMLA and MLA listservs know it is available and provide a link to its location on the PNWMLA chapter web site.

D. A complete file of past PNW Chapter Newsletters should be maintained.

III. Timetable:

A. Throughout the year: Collect items of interest from MLA Newsletters, other MLA Chapter newsletters, MLA mailings, and other appropriate sources for inclusion in the Chapter Newsletter.

B. In early Fall: Solicit information for the newsletter to chapter members by e-mail. Request “From the Chair” column, the name of the Nominations Committee Chair, and a brief report of the past annual meeting from the Chapter Chair. Request a current Treasurer’s report, a copy of the minutes of the Business Meeting of the previous annual meeting, and a current membership roster from the Secretary/Treasurer.  Request dates and location of upcoming annual meeting from the Local Arrangements Chair.

C. October-November: Compile and produce the Newsletter. Send a .pdf of the newsletter to the webmaster.  If any hard copies need to be made, print them out and mail them. Once the Newsletter has been added to the chapter web site, notify the PNWMLA Chapter and MLA listservs.  Keep a digital backup the newsletter on a storage device.

D. After Newsletter distribution: Submit receipts for printing and postage to the Secretary/Treasurer for reimbursement if any hard copies were produced.

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