Nominating Committee

I. Charge:

The Committee shall provide a slate of qualified candidates for each annual election. This will include in each year a Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, and in odd-numbered years a Secretary/Treasurer.  At least two candidates shall be identified to run for each vacant office.

II. Process:

A. Potential candidates shall be identified by soliciting the membership and through the Committee’s knowledge of the strengths and interest of the membership.  No name shall be placed in nomination without permission of the nominee.

B. Potential candidates shall be provided with the link to the Chapter Handbook that describes the appropriate office, and shall be encouraged to contact the current holder of the office to find out more details about the duties.

C. Committee Chair shall inform Chapter Chair of final slate of candidates and receive verbal approval prior to submission of ballot to Secretary/Treasurer.

III. Timetable:

A. For the Fall Newsletter: Post a notice soliciting nominations for vacancies, with a deadline sufficient to allow for Committee deliberations prior to forwarding the approved slate to the Secretary/Treasurer for distribution of the ballot prior to the annual meeting.


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