Past Chair

I. Job Description:

The Past Chair shall serve as Chief Executive Officer in the event that the Chair and Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect are unable to serve.

II. Duties:

A. Assists with the general supervision of the group and works on special projects as designated by the Chair.

B. Updates the Chapter Officers’ Handbook as necessary.

C. Draws up and submits Constitutional amendments as requested.

III. Timetable:

A. Directly following the annual meeting: In an official capacity, write thank-you letters to meeting speakers and Local Arrangement Committee members, and letters of notification to newly elected and appointed Chapter officers. If appropriate, include an honorarium in letters to speakers.

B. Following annual meeting: Solicit input from out-going officers and chairpersons regarding suggestions for amending or expanding information in the Chapter Officers’ Handbook. Rewrite appropriate sections and, with Board input and approval, replace current pages in Handbook.

C. Throughout the year: Review suggestions for Constitutional amendments from the Board and the membership. Draw up and submit copies of the suggested amendments in the correct form to the Secretary/Treasurer in time to be included in the annual meeting messaging (two months prior to annual meeting).

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