Publicity & Outreach Coordinator

I. Job Description

The Publicity & Outreach Coordinator plays a fundamental role in getting the word out Chapter activities and working with Chapter members to design activities to recruit new members to the chapter.  The Publicity & Outreach Coordinator works closely the Chapter Webmaster and Newsletter Editor to promote the work of the Chapter and actively shares Chapter activities with MLA national members.  

II. Duties

The Publicity & Outreach Coordinator will:

  1. Work with Chapter membership to envision and execute local Chapter outreach activities, potentially including but not limited to:
    1. Designing and distributing Chapter brochures
    2. Coordinating Chapter exhibits at local library conferences
    3. Seeking opportunities for Chapter programs at local conferences
  2. Take the lead on applying for outreach funding through the national Music Library Association
  3. Promote the Chapter Travel Grant broadly, including to local library schools
  4. Manages the Chapter’s Facebook presence and ensures it is up to date


III. Timetable

  1. Fall:  Work with the Chapter Board to determine a timeline for the Chapter Travel Grant and put out a call for applicants.  Work with the Newsletter Editor to put forward the call for applicants.
  2. Monitor the MLA national call for funding proposals and work with the Board to determine if we would like to move forward on a funding proposal request.