I. Job Description

The Webmaster, in consultation with the Chapter Board, shall be responsible for the design, upkeep, and maintenance of the Chapter website. While the Webmaster maintains the accuracy of web content, they are not responsible for producing content for the site. The Webmaster will also maintain close ties with the national Music Library Association Web Manager, expressing web needs of the chapter and evaluating new web technologies as they become available.

II. Duties

The Webmaster will:

  1. Work with the MLA Board to post relevant content related to Chapter business such as newsletters, annual meetings, election results, etc.
  2. Maintain a current version of the Constitution
  3. In consultation with the Past Chair, maintain a current copy of the Chapter Handbook
  4. Continually evaluate the current web platform to ensure it meets the needs of the Chapter
  5. Offer web statistical reports to the Board and Chapter members when requested
  6. Ensure the the Chapter has a functioning listserv

III.  Timetable

  1. Fall:  Work with the Newsletter Editor to post the Chapter newsletter to the website
  2. Winter: Work with the Vice Chair/Chair Elect to post a call for program proposals for the annual chapter meeting.  Work with the Publicity & Outreach Coordinator to post a call for travel grant applicants.
  3. Spring: Work with the Vice Chair/Chair Elect to promote the annual meeting.  Work with the Secretary/Treasurer to post a membership renewal call.
  4. Post-annual meeting: Post the election results and update the Chapter History and Current Officers pages of the website.  Add any Constitutional amendments successfully adopted to the website.
  5. Annually:  Works with the Chapter Board to review web content for accuracy.