Member Favorite Tips & Tools: Music Cataloging

General Music Cataloging

  • Describing music materials: a manual for descriptive cataloging of printed and recorded music, music videos, and archival music collections, 3rd ed. / Richard P. Smiraglia. Lake Crystal, Minn.: Soldier Creek Press, 1997. Complete text online (pdf) on author’s site
  • Cataloger’s judgment: music cataloging questions and answers from the Music OCLC Users Group newsletter / Jay Weitz. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2004.
    Giant FAQ and mini-lessons, indexed by topic, MARC tag, AACR2 rule.
  •  Notes for Music Catalogers: Examples Illustrating AACR2 in the Online Bibliographic Record / Ralph Hartsock. Lake Crystal, Minnesota: Soldier Creek Press, 1994.
    350 pages of examples of 5xx notes for printed music and sound recordings, with relevant AACR2/LCRIs

Online reference sources for catalogers

  •  AllMusic Guide – good for jazz & popular, tracing songwriters, album dates, biographies and subject entries.
  •  Dolmetsch online – has an online music dictionary, information about music theory, instrument guide, etc.  Useful if you don’t have access to Grove.


  •  Hit the Ground Running!  RDA Training for Music Catalogers
    [originally was just set up with homework & guides for the RDA preconference at this year’s MLA, but is being left up and augmented as an ongoing clearinghouse for RDA music training materials.]


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