I. Job Description:

The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect shall serve as Program Chair in conjunction with the Local Arrangements Committee Chair and shall act as Chief Executive Officer in the event that the Chair is unable to serve.

II. Duties:

A. Acts as Chief Executive Officer if the Chair is unable to serve.

B. Assists with general supervision of the group and works on special projects as designated by the Chair.

C. Serves as Program Chair for the annual meeting. Is responsible for preparing final program for distribution to membership with meeting materials.

III. Timetable:

A. September/October: Submit a call for program ideas to the Newsletter Editor for inclusion in the Newsletter. Post a similar call on the Chapter listserv.

B. Beginning in the Fall: Work with Local Arrangements Committee Chair to develop programming ideas for the upcoming annual meeting and to identify possible speakers. Contact potential speakers as far in advance as possible. When contacting speakers, an honorarium may be offered to speakers who are non-Chapter members, with amounts to be pre-determined in consultation with the Board as part of the meeting budget process.

C. Two months prior to annual meeting: Provide Secretary/Treasurer with final program for distribution with meeting materials.


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